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Top 3 Reasons To Put Ceramic Pro Coating On Your Wheels & Calipers

Ceramic pro coating is a nanotechnology-based coating that can be applied to car wheels and brake calipers. It forms a hard, transparent barrier that protects the surface from corrosion, UV damage, and other environmental factors. While it is not a replacement for regular maintenance, ceramic pro coating can prolong the life of wheels and calipers and keep them looking like new. 

Why Ceramic Pro Coating is a Good Investment 

Ceramic pro coating is an advanced corrosion and wear prevention coating, designed to protect wheels from the elements. 

As a clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating, it can be applied in multiple layers to the surface of wheels and calipers. When cured, this coating will transform the surface into a permanent, durable, and flexible glass shield. 

In addition, it is highly resistant to scratches, stains, corrosion, and UV light. Ceramic coating helps eliminate unwanted dirt, tar and road grime, which can lead to corrosion. It’s also an excellent way to protect wheels from the elements. 

So, is ceramic coating worth it? The short answer is yes. Ceramic coating is an ideal choice for protecting automotive paint finishes, as well as other surfaces such as glass, metal, and plastic. With proper care and maintenance, a ceramic coating can last for years, providing long-lasting protection for the investment. 

Why Ceramic Coating is Better than Wax Coating 

Ceramic coatings are much more durable than wax coatings, and they provide better protection against the elements. Wax coatings tend to wear off quickly, and they don’t stand up well to heat or UV radiation. 

In contrast, ceramic coatings form a tough, protective layer that can withstand high temperatures and intense sunlight. Ceramic coatings also resist staining and corrosion, making them an ideal choice for wheels and calipers. In addition, ceramic coatings make it easy to clean wheels and calipers, and they can even help to improve braking performance. For all these reasons, ceramic coatings are the superior choice for protecting wheels and calipers. 

How a Vehicle is Prepped for Ceramic Coating 

The process of applying ceramic coating to wheels and calipers starts with making sure they are in prime condition. The vehicle is prepped for ceramic coating when all dirt, grime and wax is removed from the surface. This should be done with a thorough wash and rinse. Then use a clay bar to wipe down any remaining contaminants such as brake dust or road tar that may still be present on the wheels and calipers after washing them.

DIY Coating Vs Ceramic Pro 

DIY coatings can be a cheaper option, but they may not be as durable or effective as ceramic pro coatings. Ceramic pro coatings are applied by professionals and cure to form a hard, durable barrier that is resistant to brake dust and other contaminants. DIY coatings may not cure properly, leaving them susceptible to damage and wear. 

In addition, DIY coatings are usually not professional grade. This means that the final finish may only last for a short time. In comparison, Ceramic pro coating is designed to last years while providing protection against brake dust and contaminants on the road. 

Cleaning and Maintaining Ceramic Coated Wheels 

Ceramic coated wheels are a popular choice for many car owners because of their durable finish and easy maintenance. When it comes to cleaning ceramic coated wheels, the process is similar to cleaning any other type of wheels. Start by rinsing the wheels with water to remove any loose dirt or debris. 

Then, use a mild soap and a soft cloth to gently clean the surface of the wheels. Avoid using harsh scrubbers or chemicals, as these can damage the ceramic coating. Finally, dry the wheels with a clean microfiber towel to prevent water spots from forming. With proper care, ceramic coated wheels will keep their like-new appearance for years to come. 

3 Benefits of Putting Ceramic Pro Coating On Your Wheels & Calipers 

Ceramic Coating Makes it Easy to Keep Wheels Clean 

A ceramic coating can make wheels much easier to clean. The coating creates a barrier that helps to repel contaminants. As a result, wheels stay cleaner for longer and are much easier to clean when they do get dirty. In addition, a ceramic coating can also help to protect wheels from corrosion and other types of damage. As a result, it is not surprising that many car owners choose to have a ceramic coating applied to their wheels. 

Ceramic Coating Offer Lasting Protection 

Ceramic pro coating offers lasting protection and better braking performance. Ceramic coating is a popular choice for those looking for a long-lasting finish on their wheels and calipers. When properly applied, a ceramic coating can last for years, providing superior protection against the elements and helping to keep wheels and calipers looking like new.

While there are many variables that can affect the longevity of a ceramic coating, such as the quality of the product used and the skill of the person applying it, in general, one can expect a ceramic coating to last anywhere from two to five years. 

With proper care and maintenance, the lifespan of the coating can even be extended further, making it an investment that will provide lasting value. 

Ceramic Coating Keeps Wheels Looking Stylish 

Wheels are an essential part of a vehicle, and they can take a beating. Over time, they can become caked with brake dust, dirt, and other debris. This not only looks unsightly, but it can also impact the performance of the brakes. A ceramic coating can help to protect wheels and calipers from the elements. 

The coating creates a barrier that repels water, dirt, and other contaminants. This helps to keep wheels looking clean and new for longer. In addition, the coating makes it easier to clean wheels when they do get dirty. 


Ceramic Pro coatings are an excellent investment for those who want optimum protection and easy maintenance for their wheels and calipers. The coating is incredibly durable, making it a great choice for high-use vehicles. Ceramic Pro also offers superior protection from the elements, including brake dust, road salt, and UV rays. Best of all, the sleek finish is easy to keep clean with just a quick wipe down.

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