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Do You Really Need PH Balanced Shampoo for Your Car?

Yes, it would be best to have pH balanced shampoos to protect your car’s sleek appearance. Car washing shampoos out here have strong chemical compositions that may quickly add up your car maintenance costs. This is because their strong chemical composition interferes with your car’s clear coat and strips your car paint leading to frequent car repairs.

Regardless of the paint protection substance you use (polymer sealants, automotive wax, and paint protection films), you need a pH-neutral car wash shampoo to prolong the lifespan of these car paint protective layers.

Read on to learn more about pH balanced shampoos and their importance when washing your car.

What Is pH Balanced Shampoo?

If you were a chemistry buff, you might know what pH balanced shampoos are. If not, don’t fret; you’ll be able to identify them shortly.

To start, you must understand what pH stands for and how to measure it. pH is the measure of a substance’s acidity or alkalinity and is measured using a pH scale. The scale is calibrated from 0 to 14, with values below 7 representing alkalinity, while those above 7 represent acidity. 

 pH balanced shampoos have a neutral value of 7 on the pH scale. These shampoos protect your car’s ceramic coating and paintwork, ensuring its extra gloss and shine remain unharmed even after a deep car wash. However, these substances aren’t the only ones on the market. There are also acidic and alkaline shampoos in the marketplace.  

These acidic and alkaline shampoos can be used to wash your car but not without a drawback. One of the disadvantages is the fading of your recent ceramic coat. Remember, ceramic coats are meant to last a while

Your car routine management practices, especially washing, determines the longevity of these coats. When you wash with shampoos that aren’t pH neutral, you’ll experience ceramic coat fading with just a few washes raising the need to utilize pH-neutral shampoos. 

Benefits Of Using pH Balanced Car Wash Shampoo

Now that you understand pH balanced shampoos let’s dive into their benefits.

1- pH-neutral shampoos don’t react with your protective layer 

pH-neutral shampoos are safe to use on your car’s bodywork regardless of the car’s protective layer. 

Car paintings, coatings, and other protective layers are susceptible to chemical reactions. Alkaline and acidic-based shampoos react and strip them away, leaving your car unprotected against the elements. These reactions result in the fading of your car paint. In worst-case scenarios, you should anticipate premature car bodywork corrosion.

pH-neutral shampoos avoid such outcomes since they’re gentle. This non-reactive characteristic doesn’t react with your automobile’s clear coat, thus preserving your car’s paint. The shampoos also work perfectly on vehicles protected by polymer sealants, automotive wax, and paint protection films. 

2 – pH balanced car wash shampoos are effective cleaners

It isn’t uncommon to see car owners utilizing basic or acidic shampoos to wash off stubborn stains because of their aggressive nature. But does this mean that pH-neutral car wash shampoos are less effective?

pH balanced car wash shampoos are highly effective in cleaning stubborn stains, including road grime. Their neutral chemical balance doesn’t limit them from delivering an effective car wash experience. 

In cases of sticky stains, car owners can utilize specialist products like insect or bird-dropping removers or glue, tar, and sap removers before applying the pH-neutral car wash shampoo or snow foam.

3 – pH-neutral shampoos offer value for money

 No car owner wants to see their paint and clear coat stripped off after a few washes. And here is where the gentleness and effectiveness of pH-neutral shampoos play a crucial role. These shampoos protect your car paint for a long time, ensuring you get value for your money. 

Additionally, they reduce your car maintenance costs by prolonging the rejuvenation of your car’s clear coat and paintwork. 

4 – pH balanced car wash shampoos are ideal for you and the environment

Have you wondered what strong pH shampoos would do to you and the environment if they can strip away the clear coat and car paint?  

Their effects can be substantial depending on how far their values are from the neutral mark in the pH scale. Values far from 7, like 0 to 3 (strongly acidic) and 11 to 14(strongly basic), may result in groundwater pollution. In contrast, 4 to 6 (slightly acidic) and 8 to 10 (somewhat basic) may cause your skin to peel off over time. 

As such, using pH-neutral car wash shampoos is essential since they don’t react with the environment and your skin. 

Why Do pH-Balanced Shampoos Elongate The Life Of Your Car’s Paint?

Your vehicle’s gloss and shine exude more confidence in you. And, it isn’t surprising to hear of car owners who bought cars because of their sleekness. 

The quality of car paint and clear coat is pivotal in that extra gloss and shine. So, it’s only natural to prolong the quality of your car paint and clear coat. However, car paints are unlike other paints since they’re softer. This characteristic means chemical changes easily affect them, requiring keen care and maintenance.

Such care and maintenance are delivered by using pH-neutral shampoos. Their balanced chemical composition ensures that there’s no reaction with your car paint that can result in the stripping of the paint.  

Unlike alkali and acidic car wash shampoos that strip your car paint after a few good washes, some pH-neutral shampoos go the extra mile to protect and improve your car paint. They achieve this by integrating carnauba wax into their formulas. So, you stand to benefit the most from purchasing these 2-in-1 pH-neutral car wash shampoos. 

Since car paints and clear coats are the first lines of defense against harmful elements, elongating their lifespan is crucial in avoiding the corrosion of your car’s bodywork. Therefore, it’s only logical to use pH-neutral car wash shampoos and snow foams to prolong the life of your car’s paint.

Wrapping up

The importance of pH balanced car wash shampoos goes without mention. They’re ideal for protecting your car’s bodywork, are effective car wash detergents, offer value for your money, and look out for the environment and your care.

If you have questions about the best products to use for your vehicle or contact or visit us at Elite Auto Works. We offer paint protection as car detailing services!  


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