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How Often Does The Inside Of A Car Need To Be Detailed?

Many drivers take pride in the appearance of their cars exterior, but forget about the inside of a car. Some busy folks might have kids dropping crumbs, toys, and other junk into tiny crevices that go unaddressed for far too long. People with long commutes may not even realize how quickly fast food bags and empty water bottles have been piling up. 

While food, dirt, and other messes should be cleaned up as soon as possible, too many people neglect to keep their cars as clean as they should. If there’s anything society has learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it should be that germs are everywhere, and regular cleaning is a must to keep ourselves and our families safe. 

No matter how meticulous drivers may be, professional car detailers can still find and eliminate more dirt inside a car. Their comprehensive care for every inch of the car interior can banish the dirt and germs even tidy car owners miss. Even if car owners clean their cars well, they should still get professional car interior detailing at least twice a year. 

What Is Included in Professional Car Interior Detailing?

When an automobile’s interior is detailed, a thorough cleaning is conducted. A vehicle’s exterior may also be cleaned as part of the detailing process.

Car dealerships, car wash services, and vehicle detailers provide this standard service. What goes into a complete automobile detail could be something you’re intrigued about. After a thorough cleaning of the car’s inside, the company may do the following:

  • Complete an inside automobile vacuuming.
  • Shampoo or steam clean the auto’s upholstery
  • Remember to get rid of the stains on the upholstery!
  • Ensure that all plastic and vinyl surfaces are spotless.
  • Clean the ducts to ensure clean airflow.
  • Clean the inside of all the windows and doors.
  • Vacuum the trunk and do any necessary spot repairs

The vehicle detailing service is flexible, and the cleaning person may add or remove services per customer request.

How Dirty Is The Inside Of A Car?

Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the average citizen has been more vigilant about keeping things clean and sanitized. 

However, people seldom think twice before reaching for the wheel or the shifter once they are behind the wheel. In any case, how filthy can one’s automobile be, anyway? Unfortunately, the answer is quite dirty indeed. 

Aston University in Birmingham discovered around 283 distinct species of bacteria in every square centimeter of the typical automobile. Anthony Hilton, the university’s head of Biology and Biomedical Science, oversaw the research.

About 356 bacteria were found on the gear shift, while 850 were found in the trunk, where drivers likely store their goods.

The dashboard was as filthy as a public toilet.

The dashboard is an especially unsuspected haven for germs. When they’re in a hurry, many individuals store their meals here. In most cases, this is done without the person realizing the risk of exposing their food to the many bacteria that thrive on the counter. When activated, an HVAC system generates airborne germs and fungus that may contaminate nearby surfaces, including food, drink, and the user’s face.

Another study found that married people have more bacteria in their cars than single people and that people with children have the most germs in their cars. GAP Enviromicrobial Services found that, on average, cars are dirtier and harbor 17,000 times more bacteria than homes. Environmental expert Jessica Shaw claims that the car’s cup holder is home to 228 percent more germs than the typical toilet seat.

While wiping the car interior with sanitizing wipes is a good step, a professional detail can further reduce germs from thriving in one’s vehicle. 

What Are the Advantages of Professional Car Interior Detailing? 

There are many advantages to hiring a professional to detail your car’s interior, including not having to spend the time yourself. 

And, as we’ve established that our cars are dirtier than we could have imagined, cleanliness is also an advantage. Maintaining your automobile on a regular, thorough detailing schedule will keep it clean and free of dust and allergens, improving the air quality within the car and decreasing the likelihood of allergic responses. The quality of the air in your vehicle will increase after doing this.

Maintaining your car with regular detailing treatments may add years to its lifespan. The accumulation of dust on indoor surfaces is a common cause of deterioration. Upholstery, chairs, and carpet may all benefit from a thorough cleaning to remove stains, debris, and dust accumulated over time.

The shine of your car may be maintained with regular detailing. Regular cleaning, a strong engine, and a bright and pleasant interior make it straightforward to sell the automobile when ready. Your car will have a more polished and presentable look, which is essential when selling it.

All types of auto upholstery are vulnerable to damage from the sun, dust, grime, and stains. A car cleaning service may quickly remedy this situation. Protective moisturizer for leather surfaces is only one example of a specialty product used in auto cleaning that helps prevent cracking and ripping. The use of stain-removing shampoos and stain-preventing fabric protectors is standard practice.

How Much Does Professional Car Interior Detailing Cost?

Like many services, car detailing can vary in cost based on how basic or intensive the service is. 

The cost of a basic detail service ranges from $50 to $150, depending on the size of your car and the services you need; adding optional upgrades may push the service’s total cost up to $175.

However, the cost of packages that include extras like stain protection for the carpet and upholstery and paint sealing and waxing may add up to far more than the cost of the service itself. Keep an eye on the ala carte options, and you should be able to keep the car detailing appointment within your budget. 


The inside surfaces of your automobile get the most attention and are dirtier. It’s impossible to prevent children and dogs from touching the car’s surfaces, including the dashboard, consoles, and door panels. You can remove all the built-up filth by thoroughly cleaning them and making them safe to touch again. If you don’t care for these areas, germs and insects will thrive in your automobile.

An automobile’s resale value and condition are both enhanced by regular detailing. Elite Auto Works provides convenient mobile auto detailing services to save time and effort. Get in touch with us now for more about our reasonably priced auto interior detailing services. Search car detailing near me, or give us a call to receive a quote for your vehicle.


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