how to keep black cars clean

How To Keep Black Cars Clean

Maintaining the cleanliness of a black car can be a hassle. Things like water spots, dirt, and minor scuffs and scratches can be easily seen. But if done right, a clean black car can indicate professionalism, class, and style. Keeping it clean and maintaining it are two crucial aspects of owning a black vehicle. If you’re wondering how to keep black cars clean, read on to find out!

Do Black Cars get Dirty Faster?

Although spots and dirt might be noticeable on black cars faster, that doesn’t mean it’s getting dirty more quickly. However, the dark color makes the slightest imperfection evident. The cleanliness of your car is mainly affected by environmental factors such as weather conditions and where the vehicle is parked. Black paint can be challenging to maintain; however, if you’re serious about keeping your black cars shining, don’t worry! There is a proper way to manage it.

Cleaning Black Car Paint

Part of the difficulty of cleaning black car paint is that the darker colors contrast with everything making the slightest dirt speck or minor scratch appear more significant compared to another color. 

How To Keep Black Cars Clean 

Hand Wash: Hand washing your black car paint is crucial to keep it shiny. When hand washing your vehicle, we recommend using a wash mitt instead of a regular sponge. Wash mitts are specially designed to use on cars, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your paint. 

We also recommend having two buckets on hand. One should be filled with clean water, while the other should be used to rinse your mitt periodically. 

When you’ve finished washing your car, use a microfiber towel to dry it immediately. This will prevent water spots from forming on your black paint. 

Spot Clean: If it’s not time to wash your car, but you notice contaminants such as bird feces on your vehicle- spot clean it as soon as you see it. This will make it easier to get off your paint. 

Ceramic Coating: Adding a ceramic coating to your car is one of the best ways to keep your black paint looking fresh. A ceramic coating adds a protective layer to your vehicle, creating a barrier between your car’s paint and the elements. Ceramic coatings help keep your car clean longer.

What Is A Ceramic Coating 

Ceramic coating for cars is becoming an increasingly popular way to protect the exterior of your vehicle. It helps resist contaminates, reduces paint damage from the sun and elements, and keeps a showroom shine longer than regular wax or sealant. It also makes it much easier to clean dirt off as it will literally “bead” up, so you can rinse that away without having to scrub.

Ceramic coating is a special type of paint-like material that provides an extra layer of protection to the exterior of cars or motorcycles. It works as a shield from weathering, debris, and environmental contaminants, which can otherwise cause damage to the vehicle’s paint over time. Ceramic coating also helps keep your car looking new for longer due to its impact and scratch resistance. In addition to protecting the cosmetic exterior of your car, ceramic coatings are also hydrophobic, meaning they repel water upon contact and make maintenance easier.

Benefits Of Ceramic Coating 

  1. Extra protection: Adding a ceramic coating to your vehicle is the number one way to protect it. A ceramic coating is an extra layer of protection on your car that acts like a shield. This shield helps protect your car from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This is especially important for black vehicles as the sun’s rays will cause your paint to fade. 
  2. Adds durability: A ceramic coating also makes your car more durable. This shield makes your paint more scratch resistant and helps it to repel water and other environmental hazards. In the long run, this will keep your paint looking new. 
  3. Your car will stay clean longer: Because the ceramic coating repels water and other environmental hazards such as dirt and pollen, your vehicle will stay clean longer. Your vehicle will still need to be washed regularly. However, washing it will be much easier since dirt and other substances won’t be able to bond to your vehicle. 
  4. Cost-effective: While ceramic coating might seem expensive, it’s a cost-effective option in the long run. While waxing your car is cheaper, it must be done more often, which adds up. Unlike wax that sits on the paint’s surface, a ceramic coating chemically bonds to your vehicle. A ceramic coating can last several years- much longer than a regular wax if adequately maintained. 

How Often Should I Wash My Car?  

When washing your car with a ceramic coating, the general recommendation is to clean it every two weeks. This is to maintain the protection and beauty of your vehicle. In addition, washing your car can help remove dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the surface due to regular driving. Using high-quality car shampoo without harsh chemicals is also important when cleaning your vehicle with a ceramic coating. Doing this will help preserve the coating and help keep its protective powers in tip-top shape for many years.

Keeping Black Cars Clean

Keeping black car paint clean can be a battle. Luckily Elite Auto Works has a solution to help you keep your car spotless and easier to maintain. 

If you want your car to look like it’s fresh off the lot for years to come, adding a ceramic coating can help immensely. Ceramic coatings help keep your vehicle clean and protected, making it look brand new.

In addition to ceramic coating services, we also offer vehicle detailing to maintain that coating. For more information, please feel free to contact Elite Auto Works. We’d be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


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