Is Ceramic Coating Worth It in 2022?

Welcome to Elite Auto Works – Your Detailing Sacramento shop, specializing in ceramic coating for cars and other automotive services. Here at their detailing shop, they don’t just provide a regular car wash and wax job. They offer extensive auto care treatments that will leave their vehicle looking new again! One of the many services they offer is a ceramic coating for cars. This type of treatment protects from rust and scratches and gives a fantastic shine to the exterior finish of your vehicle.

Detailing is a process that involves detailing services, detailing products, detailing supplies, and detailing equipment to give their vehicle the best care possible. Detailing also includes auto detailing, from washing to waxing and polishing. Here at Detailing Sacramento, they offer both exterior detailing and interior detailing services. They employ only well-trained professionals who have years of detailing experience. They use premium detailing products to restore their vehicle to its original condition and luster.

Ceramic Coating Application

 Once detailing services have been completed at a detailing shop, they can benefit from a ceramic coating treatment as a complimenting service. Most detailing shops will offer this protection as part of their detailing process. Upon completion, they provide them with the option to have the application performed by one of their detailers, or it can be done by themselves with proper training and equipment. For ceramic coatings to function as intended, they must be applied correctly. This includes surface preparation detailing services. Once they apply ceramic coating to their vehicle, it’s essential to maintain it properly with detailing supplies to retain that “showroom shine” look the layer has given them.

 The coatings are used on car finishes, wheels, and glass surfaces because they provide so many benefits. Ceramic is made of quartz particles which are very hard and smooth. It cannot be penetrated by anything or any chemical so that no dirt can get stuck on its surface. This is what makes it worth the investment since each time you clean your vehicle after applying ceramic coating detailing products, there will be less time spent detailing cars. The best part about detailing cars with detailing equipment is that once detailers complete this process, their detailing work will last for a very long time. Ceramic detailing products help protect the paint and sealant of their car from harmful pollutants, environmental fallout, and water spots. Without detailing supplies such as detailing clay or detailing spray, damage to their vehicle’s exterior is likely.

 The coating is a protective layer that coats the entire surface of their vehicle, including the glass and plastic trim pieces. It forms a barrier that prevents liquids from penetrating any surface or finish. With this type of protection in place, they won’t have to worry about road salt corroding the metal on the undercarriage of their car or rust forming on the body panels. 

 Ceramic coating for cars isn’t just for paint protection, either. This treatment also protects against ultraviolet radiation, harming interior upholstery and fading exterior plastic trim pieces. The treatment also provides scratch resistance on all painted and chromed surfaces.

 Advantages of Cermic Coatings

 Protection from Harmful UV Rays

 UV rays are everywhere, and they can cause severe damage to the paint on their vehicle. This type of radiation holds the potential to fade clear-coat finishes, crack open enamel layers, and discolor fiberglass surfaces. The coating treatment causes a layer to form over their car’s exterior paint finish that blocks out these harmful UVA and UVB rays. This not only prevents fading and weakening of the paint but also keeps their vehicle looking newer for longer.

 Preventing hard water spots

 When they wash their vehicle, the minerals in tap water can leave behind deposits that can actually cause severe damage to a clear coat finish. These tiny spots are caused when mineral deposits from the water get left behind on the paint during the car washing process. The coating treatment creates a barrier that blocks these spots from forming, which prevents corrosion and pitting.

 Reducing the chance of rock chips

 If they live in a region that sees regular snowfall, then the odds are good that their car will have quite a few dings and scratches on it from all those wintertime drives. If they use this coating treatment on their vehicle, they can avoid further damage to the finish. The treatment provides a thick, transparent coating of protection over the entire exterior surface of their car. That means rocks and other debris are less likely to penetrate through the paint finish to cause damaging chips.

 Protection against pollutants

 As they drive, harmful car pollutants are released into the air. These chemicals are drawn to their vehicle’s exterior surface and stick there. This can lead to oxidation of the paint finish, which does nothing more than make their automobile look fugly! The coating forms a barrier that keeps these vehicle pollutants from contact with the paint on their car. This helps to prevent unsightly oxidation stains from forming on their vehicle’s paintwork.

 Hydrophobic Nature, Ease of Cleaning

 Another great benefit of the coating is creating a hydrophobic layer on their car’s exterior. That means liquids either bead up and roll off, or they’re easily wiped away with a detailing cloth. No matter how dirty their car gets from road grime, bird droppings, dust from the desert, bugs from the countrysides, you can use detailing sprays or quick detailers to make short work of detailing your vehicle without worrying about scratching the paint.

 Longer car paint life

 This type of protective layer can increase the longevity of their vehicle’s paint by protecting it from harmful elements. Their car needs this protection because detailing sprays, polishing compounds, and harsh detailing tools can strip away protective layers that are just starting to form on the surface. It also prevents rust from forming under the hood or beneath the vehicle, where moisture collects during long wintertime periods in cold storage.

 This coating treatment is widely available for detailing companies, but it is also available at car dealerships and detailing shops. You can even opt to have this service performed by a detailing business if you want to save some money on detailing fees. It’s important to note that the more time your vehicle spends outside in extreme weather conditions, the more frequently you’ll need to have this protective treatment applied.


The best way to protect your investment!