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Avoid DIY Tints For Your Car: Here Are 5 Reasons Why

DIY projects have become increasingly popular recently, with many people sharing their experiences and tips on social media. Everyone is eager to try their hand at DIY projects, and car owners are no exception. Between DIY tints and do it yourself vinyl wraps, when someone has a car, they often want to make it as attractive as possible, and one of the best ways to do this is to add window tinting. 

Not only does this give the car a more classy look, but it also provides the owner with a certain level of privacy. Many car owners use window tinting as an excellent addition to their cars. Unfortunately, many car owners apply their own window film to their vehicles to save money, but this often backfires as many potential issues arise when attempting DIY tints.

Bubbles can form, the film can peel or flake off, and the overall aesthetic can look cheap if the car owner is not careful. One purpose of window tinting is to reduce the heat during the summer months, but if the owner attempts to tint their windows themselves, the results may be ineffective. Although DIY tints may seem like a cost-effective solution for the owner to do the tinting themselves, it often costs more money than if they had hired a professional in the first place.

For car owners tempted to do their own car tinting, they should read these five reasons why DIY car tinting should be avoided and why they should get the professionals involved.  

Consider Quality 

Before buying a DIY window tint kit, car owners should consider the quality and the consequences it can have on their car. DIY tints are usually cheaply made with affordability in mind rather than quality. This means the window tinting won’t be a permanent solution and won’t hold up on the vehicle. 

Car owners may end up with air bubbles and debris stuck to the film, which can be avoided if a professional were to install the window tint. Not only will it cost them for the DIY kit itself, but they’ll also pay more to have their windows tinted again by a professional, and in the end, it will cost them more than if they had turned to a professional at the start. 

Value The Car 

If car owners value their cars, they will understand that DIY tints are more expensive in the long run and can also cause severe damage to their vehicles if they are not careful. Professional window tinting services are sought after because they can ensure that the tint is applied correctly and without causing any damage. DIY window tinting kits often require too much pressure to be applied to the window, or the wrong tools are used, leading to the window cracking, breaking, or becoming permanently damaged. If this happens, the only option is to replace the window, which is much more expensive than hiring a professional to do the tints. 

Driving Safety 

Windows are a vital safety aspect for any car, protecting the driver and passengers. However, when car owners attempt DIY tints, they should understand that they can potentially create a safety hazard while driving. If they make any mistakes with the application process, such as misapplied film or a broken window, they have a greater risk of getting in an accident while on the road. While it is often said that having tinted windows can increase a car’s safety, this is only true if the tinting is applied correctly. Any mistakes, even minor ones, can decrease driving safety and increase the risk of an accident.

Not Paying Attention To Detail 

People often say that you should turn to professionals for specific tasks, especially when it comes to window tinting. However, professional window tinting companies have been in the business for years and understand the job inside and out. They have access to the right tools and materials and know the exact method for applying window tint. Furthermore, they understand that the small details matter and have the patience to focus on them. Car owners who don’t have the patience for a long job or don’t understand that the job must be done perfectly should not attempt to do the work of professionals.

Applying Tint Illegally 

Many car owners know there are regulations for certain things but aren’t precisely aware of those exact regulations. Window tinting is one of those things. There are guidelines for how dark the windows can be, and some states are rigorous with their policies. If car owners attempt to apply DIY tints on their own, they risk getting pulled over by local law enforcement and getting in trouble for not having window tinting that meets the specific guidelines. 

Usually, drivers will be given a “fix-it” ticket, but if they get pulled over again for the same problem, they’ll be ticketed and have to pay a hefty fine. Drivers need to be aware that the regulations are strict on which windows can be tinted and how dark they can be. Professionals know these guidelines and are careful to pay attention to them to ensure that customers will be safe and secure from getting ticketed.

Let Elite Auto Works Do The Job 

For car owners thinking about attempting their first DIY tints project, they should reconsider before starting. DIY window tinting can be a difficult and time-consuming task, and it is easy to make mistakes that can be costly and difficult to fix. It’s always worth investing at professional tint shops to get auto tint job correctly and safely. 

Elite Auto Works window tinting service is the perfect place to get your window tinting done. Located in Sacramento, CA, our team at Elite Auto Works is experienced and knows how to get the job done. Car owners can be assured that, with our services, their car will be kept in high-quality condition, meet state regulations, and the tint will always be applied legally. Contact Elite Auto Works to get started with our window tinting services! 


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