how long does it take to tint car windows

How Long Does It Take To Tint Car Windows In 2022?

Tinting your car windows is one of the best ways to block glare and UV rays from the sun. In fact, it helps promote visibility not only for the driver but also for the vehicle’s occupants. Window tinting can also make windows slightly more durable while making a car look more appealing. Given the many benefits it has to offer, you might be wondering “how long does it take to tint car windows?”

Well, many factors go into the window tinting process and we’re here to explain them so you can make an educated decision moving forward.

Factors Affecting Car Window Tinting Time

As mentioned above, various factors affect car window tinting time. The time it takes depends on the following:

  • The amount of surface area you need to tint
  • The number of windows to tint
  • Shape complexity of your car windows
  • If there is any adhesive or tint you need to remove beforehand
  • The experience of the person applying the window tint

When you hire a professional to perform the window tinting process, it will take them at least 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete a car that has four doors. Meanwhile, vehicles that have complex window glass shapes can take more than 2 hours to complete.

The best place to tint windows is in a controlled environment. That’s why at Elite Auto Works, we perform our window tinting in Sacramento at our state-of-the-art tint shop.

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Car Window Tinting Process

The following are the most common steps in applying film to car windows:

  1. Bringing the vehicle to a wind and dust-free location such as an auto shop.
  2. Preparing the windows by cleaning them inside and out with a soap and water solution.
  3. Measuring the vehicle’s windows and cutting the appropriate sizes for the film.
  4. Laying out the film on the exterior of the car window for precise cutting.
  5. Heat shrinking the film using a heat gun and contouring it to the glass.
  6.  Matching the window patterns and putting them on a designated peel board.
  7. Installing the film on the interior of the vehicle’s window.
  8. Spraying a soap and water solution on the window and tint.
  9. Removing the release liner of the film and applying it to the windows.
  10. Applying a squeegee to eliminate excess solution.
  11. Performing a final inspection to spot and fix imperfections.
  12. Drying and curing the window tint.

How Long Does It Take for Window Tint to Dry?

The time it takes for the window tint to cure will vary significantly based on the material and quality of the window tint used. Besides that, temperature also plays a crucial role in how long it will take to dry.

Most people recommend getting window tinting done during the summer since the heat can cause the tint to dry quickly. It should only take 2 to 3 days for the curing time to complete on most windows. But, if you really need to do it during winter, window tinting in Sacramento can take a week or two.

Just to be safe, it’s best to give your window tint at least 3 to 5 days before using it or rolling it down. The good news is that you can help shorten the time for the tint to dry.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Use a squeegee with a handle to remove water applied during the installation process. The less water, the shorter the drying time will be.
  • If window tinting during the cold months, make sure you keep your vehicle in a garage where it’s warm and take it outside whenever it gets sunny.
  • As much as possible, set your car windows so that they are facing the sun.
  • Go with a professional that has been providing reliable window tinting in Sacramento for many years.

Can I Tint My Car Windows On My Own?

You can tint your car windows by yourself. In fact, many people choose to apply the paint protection films and ceramic coatings they want for their own vehicles.

Choosing pre-cut tint films is easier if you plan to install them on your own. This type of window tint film can save you time and money as you don’t have to bother with cutting them to match the shape of your window.

However, there’s nothing that compares to how neat and clean expert installers cut their window tint films. This is because most installation shops use machines that perform the measurements to match the exact shape of your windows. Not only do these devices reduce the overall time for window tinting to complete but it also adds a touch of quality.

A thing to keep in mind is that tinting your car windows can take longer compared to the time it takes when a professional does it. This is because window tinting is a meticulous process that requires sufficient knowledge and experience to complete successfully. Any mistake and you can easily end up having to redo the whole process.

For those with the expertise and patience, DIY car window tinting can take around 4 hours or more for the whole vehicle. Keep in mind that you need to have the appropriate materials and equipment to accomplish the task effectively and efficiently.

So, how long does it take to tint car windows?

You can expect window tinting to take 2 to 3 hours when done by a professional, while performing a DIY can take 4 hours or even more.

If you aren’t confident with your ability to accomplish the window tinting process, it’s best to leave this job to the experts. This is because any mistakes can easily lead to a shoddy or messy installation that will not render the benefits you’re looking for.

At Elite Auto Works, we have the training and expertise to ensure your window tinting in Sacramento is not only done quickly but also in the best conditions possible.

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