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Is Front Windshield Tint Worth It? 2022

If you’re thinking about getting a front windshield tint, you may wonder whether it’s worth the time and cost. Front windshield tint uses a thin laminate film to coat the windshield. This is often done to have less light coming through the windshield and to have more privacy. Some people seek to block UV rays, get rid of glare, or simply want their cars to look better. Getting a tint can also strengthen the windshield’s glass for more safety and security. So, how dark should your windshield tint be? The answer depends on several factors.

California Tinting Law

It’s important to get window tinting that is legally allowed. Getting too much of a tint on the windshield can mean getting pulled over and possibly issued a traffic ticket. Each state has its own laws about tinting, and California is no different. California law breaks up types of tinting by the kind of vehicle you drive and the specific window to which the tint is applied.

California generally allows only the top 4″ of the windshield to be tinted. The tint has to be non-reflective. This is the rule for sedans, vans, and SUVs. Make sure that the tint is non-reflective, or you could cause a traffic hazard and get pulled over.

Tinting on lower areas of the windshield may be allowed with a valid medical reason. Unlike the side windows, tinting on the windshield is not given a maximum darkness amount. The tinting for the front side windows must allow about 88% or more sunlight through the glass. If the windows are factory tinted, this must be at least 70%. When you go to Elite Auto Works for your front windshield tint, you can be sure that the shade will be within the law.

UV Rays and Privacy

Two of the biggest reasons people get their windshield tinted are better protection against the sun’s UV rays and increased privacy inside the vehicle. Does windshield tinting help with either of these issues? It definitely can! When it comes to UV rays, they can be harmful to humans in several ways. It’s a good idea to try to protect yourself from these rays.

A high-quality window tint can add to the UV protection offered by some window glass. A shade that helps with UV rays can also help protect the upholstery of your vehicle from fading and cracking due to UV damage. It can also protect the carpet and your dashboard from damage. With the proper windshield tinting from Elite Auto Works, you can have as much as 99% of UV rays blocked that come in through the tinted portion.

A tint can also give you better privacy while in your vehicle. This is a major benefit that many people are looking for. The amount of privacy you get depends on the darkness of the tint and how many of your windows are tinted. 

Reducing Heat and Glare

Another reason people tint their windshields is to lessen the heat inside their vehicles from the sun. Not all window tints will do this, but a high-quality tint will. A tinted windshield can block up to half of the solar heat coming into your vehicle. It blocks infrared light to do this. This can make being inside the car more comfortable and allow you to save energy by not running the air-conditioner as much. This can even improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Glare is a significant problem on the road, and a windshield tint can also help with this. Having a tint on the windshield can be highly effective for stopping the glare from the sun while driving. Even a very light tint will block this light which can be blinding on the road. Tints can lower the glare by as much as 30%. This can make an enormous difference when you’re driving toward the sun.

Types of Windshield Tint

There are many different types of windshield tints that you can choose from. They work in different ways to darken your windshield and provide the benefits of a tint.


A metalized tint has tiny particles of metal in it to reduce the heat coming through the window and reflect light away from it. These particles are too small for you to see. While this type is effective in many ways, the metallic particles can interfere with your cell phone, radio, and GPS.


A carbon windshield tint has no metal in it, so there is no interference with your electronics. This type of tint is excellent at blocking some of the heat from entering the vehicle. It can block about 40% of the sun’s infrared light through the glass. They are great in the summer for keeping the interior cooler.


Just as a metalized tint uses tiny metal particles, a ceramic tint uses tiny particles of ceramic. These particles are highly protective for the windshield, blocking UV rays, heat, and infrared light. Ceramic tints can be of an infrared-rejection type, and this type can reduce visible light transmission by a significant amount, depending on the darkness of the tint.

The Cons of Windshield Tinting

With so many benefits of getting your windshield tinted, there are also a few downsides. You likely shouldn’t get a tint if you have trouble seeing well through your windshield. It can also be expensive to get a high-quality tint applied. 

For those who want to reduce the heat in their cars, block infrared light and UV rays, have more privacy and have a stealthy look for their vehicle, a windshield tint can have many more pros than cons. Elite Auto Works can do a high-quality application of the tint if you want your windshield tinted and know that it’s being done according to California law.  We only use the best products on the vehicles we service and our growing portfolio show cases that. If you’re ready to add tints to your car, give us a call! 916.693.1071


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