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Paint Protection Film in Rancho Cordova, CA

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Our paint protection film (PPF) service in Rancho Cordova, CA, provides your vehicle with a robust layer of defense against the harsh elements it faces daily. Designed to preserve the pristine condition of your car’s paint job, PPF acts as a barrier against scratches, chips, and environmental contaminants. Whether you’re dealing with the intense California sun or debris from the road, our PPF ensures your car remains in showroom condition longer.


The advanced technology behind our paint protection film uses high-quality materials that are both flexible and durable. This allows the film to absorb impacts and resist damage, maintaining the integrity of your vehicle’s paint. The self-healing properties of the film enable it to repair minor scratches and swirl marks on its own, leaving your car looking smooth and flawless.


With the unpredictable weather and driving conditions in Rancho Cordova, investing in PPF is a smart choice for any car owner. The film provides exceptional protection from UV rays, preventing your paint from fading and oxidizing over time. This means your car retains its vibrant color and glossy finish, enhancing its overall appearance and value.


One of the standout features of our paint protection film is its ease of maintenance. The hydrophobic properties of the film repel water and contaminants, making it easier to clean your vehicle. You’ll spend less time washing and waxing, giving you more time to enjoy the things that matter most. Plus, the film’s resistance to staining and discoloration ensures that your car maintains a pristine look with minimal effort.


Our paint protection film service is an investment in your vehicle’s longevity and resale value. By safeguarding your car against everyday wear and tear, you reduce the need for costly paint repairs and touch-ups. This not only saves you money in the long run but also helps maintain the market value of your vehicle.


Choose our paint protection film service in Rancho Cordova for a comprehensive solution that combines superior protection, aesthetic enhancement, and ease of maintenance. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply want to keep your vehicle looking its best, our PPF offers the ultimate defense against the elements, ensuring your ride remains as beautiful as the day you drove it off the lot.

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Our Paint Protection Film Services in Rancho Cordova, CA

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About Elite Auto Works CA

At Elite Auto Works in Sacramento, CA, we provide top-tier vehicle detailing and paint protection services. Our services include ceramic coating using Ceramic Pro, which offers a glossy, durable, and hydrophobic layer that shields your car’s paint from UV rays, dirt, and debris. We also offer STEK DYNOshield paint protection film, which is virtually invisible and features self-healing properties and a hydrophobic top coat for easy cleaning​. Our detailing packages include hand washing, clay bar treatment, waxing, and paint correction to keep your vehicle looking its best​.


Elite Auto Works is proud to be the paint protection film application choice for residents of Rancho Cordova, CA, and beyond including Folsom.

Get to Know Rancho Cordova, California

Rancho Cordova is a city in Sacramento County, California, United States which was incorporated in 2003. It is part of the Sacramento Metropolitan Area. The population was 79,332 at the 2020 census. In 2010 and 2019, Rancho Cordova received the All-America City Award.

Directions from Rancho Cordova, California, USA to Elite Auto Works CA, 4555 Auburn Blvd #5, Sacramento, CA 95841, United States

➔ Start in Rancho Cordova, California, and head toward Elite Auto Works CA in Sacramento
Total: 19 min (11.8 mi)

Head northeast on Folsom Blvd toward Investment Cir
Total: 2.1 mi

Head northeast on Folsom Blvd toward Investment Cir
Distance: 2.1 mi
Turn left onto Sunrise Blvd
Total: 1.0 mi

Turn left onto Sunrise Blvd
Pass by In-N-Out Burger (on the right in 0.7 mi)
Distance: 1.0 mi
Continue straight to stay on Sunrise Blvd
Total: 3.2 mi

Continue straight to stay on Sunrise Blvd
Distance: 3.2 mi
Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Madison Ave
Total: 4.1 mi

Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Madison Ave
Pass by Sizzler (on the right in 3.2 mi)
Distance: 4.1 mi
Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Auburn Blvd
Total: 1.0 mi

Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Auburn Blvd
Distance: 1.0 mi
Turn right

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